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ʻIʻiwi on ʻOhiʻa Lehua Circle Sticker

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Sticker features: 

  • Width: 3 inches (7.6 cm)
  • Height: 3 inches (7.6 cm)
  • Durable, Waterproof, Weatherproof, UV-resistant

ʻOhiʻa lehua are two of the most iconic native Hawaiian species. Their beautiful red coloring make them easy to spot in the forrest. Both species are endemic to Hawai'i, meaning they are found nowhere else in the world.

ʻOhiʻa lehua (Metrosideros polymorpha) are a native Hawaiian tree that comprise an estimate 80% of remaining native Hawaiian forests. They provide critical habitat for numerous species of native plants, insects, and birds- including the ʻiʻiwi. They are also one of the first species that will start growing on a fresh lava flow. 

ʻIʻiwi are nectarivorous Hawaiian honeycreepers, and they are most abundant on Hawai'i island. They love to drink nectar from the ʻohiʻa lehua blossoms, which will get yellow pollen on the bird and allow it to play an important ecological role as a pollinator. If you see an ʻiʻiwi with a yellow dot on its forehead, you know it has been feeding on ʻohiʻa flowers!

Show your love for Hawai'i's native species with this beautiful sticker! Our stickers are waterproof, weatherproof, UV-resistant, and very durable- so stick it on your car, water bottle, laptop, notebook, or wherever your heart desires!