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ʻIʻiwi Sticker

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Sticker features: 

  • Width: 3 inches (7.6 cm)
  • Height: 2 inches (5 cm)
  • Durable, Waterproof, Weatherproof, UV-resistant

Show your support for Hawaiʻi's native species with a cute little ʻiʻiwi sticker! ʻIʻiwi (Vestiaria coccinea) are one of the most iconic Hawaiian honeycreepers, a group of birds endemic to Hawaii, meaning they are found nowhere else in the whole world! 

ʻIʻiwi are important pollinators, including for the rare native plant ‘oha wai, which has flowers in the same shape as an ʻiʻiwi's signature curved bill. ʻIʻiwi and other honeycreepers are at risk of extinction due to habitat loss, invasive predators, and avian malaria, which is spread by invasive mosquitos. 

Bring your love of ʻiʻiwi wherever you go with this sticker! Our stickers are waterproof, weatherproof, UV-resistant, and very durable- so stick it on your car, water bottle, laptop, notebook, or wherever your heart desires!